As a Member of the Bladensburg Council, Donnie will build bridges to prosperity in the community by leading the county and state in sustainable economic development, public safety, responsible taxation, and government accountability. With these efforts, Donnie Bridgeman seeks to enhance the quality of life in our beloved Bladensburg and fulfill the town's true potential.

Question of the Week

Which of the following should be a priority for the Town of Bladensburg?

Our Vision

Donnie recognizes the essential elements of prosperity. In order to be an attractive community to residents and businesses, the town has an obligation to make Bladensburg safer with improvements to our public safety strategy.

Join the Conversation

Join The Conversation

As part of the Bridgeman For Bladensburg "listening tour", we are working hard to inform and involve the community in the public policy process that plays an important part every day in their lives.

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Police ‘follow’ seized guns to illegal traffickers By: Jim Davis - Staff Writer, The Sentinal August 7, 2013 Prince George's police officers will increase patrols in Bladensburg

Carjacker shoots victim in Bladensburg By: Jim Davis - Staff Writer, The Sentinal August 15, 2013 Man shot during carjacking at 8:30pm


Public Safety

Pursuing proactive law enforcement. Training community members for emergencies. Supporting our fire department and rescue squad.

Economic Development

Promoting local businesses. Facilitating home investment grants. Energizing investment in historic assets.

Taxes and Accountability

Reducing the tax burden on homeowners, renters, and businesses alike. Fostering a culture of accountability.

Quality of Life

Improving job training and education opportunities. Partnering with local organizations to improve health and wellness. Forging a path to environmental sustainability.